lauantai 29. joulukuuta 2012

Nayttaa lupaavalta / Looks promising

Jos vaan ei sateeksi muutu niin mehan paastaan pulkkamakeen huomenna. JEEEEEE! Talle paivalle luvattiin lunta jo puolilta paivin mutta se aloitti lumen tulon vasta iltasella kuuden aikaan. Nyt sita on sitten parin tunnin aikana tullutkin ihan mukavasti reilu 5cm. Peukut pystyyn siis etta paastaisiin pulkkailemaan huomenna. Ja ma paasen lumitoihinkin. :D Kylla on meikalaisella halvat huvit. Ei tuossa tosin paljoa tekemista ole mutta paasenpahan kuitenkin. :D
Tanaan posti toi myohaisia joululahjoja Lapista. Siskoni oli pistanyt pakettiin tytoille neljantuulenhatut ja meille isoille ihanan paksut karstatut lapaset. Nayttaa huovutetuille muttei ole. Olipa ihanat lahjat. Eika taatusti tule vastaan samanlaisia hattuja kuin tytoilla.
Tanaan olen korjaillut nukenvaatteita, ratkonut saumoja ja ommellut nauhoja jne. Isomman neidin nukelle ostetut vaatteet, joiden piti sopia oli joko liian tiukkoja etta olisi saanut paalle rikkomatta tai sitten liian valjia etta olisivat pysyneet paalla. Niita sitten tanaan ollaan tuunattu kayttokuntoon. On sita vahan piirrelty kaavojakin ja leikattu kangasta. Taytyyhan Kyla:lla olla yopaita. No nyt varkataan sitten yopaitaa.

If it just doesn't change into rain then we get to go sledding tomorrow. YAY! Today's forecast was snow already from noon but it started snowing only after 6pm. Now during the few hours there's already more than 5cm/c. 3 inches. Everything crossed for good sledding day for tomorrow. And I get to do the snow! :D I'm extremely cheap to entertain. Not much to do but I'm happy for even the little bit.
Today the post brought late Christmas presents from Lapland. My sister had wrapped four winds hats for the girls and us big ones got lovely, thick mittens. They are not felted even though they do look like it. What wonderful gifts. And there will not be the same kind of hats that the girls got coming along very easily.
I've been fixing doll clothes, ripping seams and re-sewing them, sewing ribbons etc. The clothes bought (which were supposed to fit her) for the new doll, whose name is Kyla, were either too small to get them on without ripping them or too big to stay on. So, I've been spending some time with them. And then I've been drwaing some patterns and cutting some fabric. "Kyla has to have a nightie." And mummy is making a nightie for Kyla.

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog, but had to comment to say how much the photo of the hats made me happy. My father visited Finland years ago and brought me back a similar hat. Here in the U.S., I have yet to see anyone with a similar hat. :)

    1. Hi luvaloo! I'm glad you stumbled upon my blog. My family used to have a summer house up in Lapland and I have a very special place in my heart for it. I wish I had a chance to go there more often than I do at the moment living in MA, USA. I hope you will come and visit my blog again. I know I have some readers in US but they do not comment or publicly acknowledge that they follow my ramblings. :D I wish you all the best for the coming year!