perjantai 31. toukokuuta 2013

Muussia / Mush

Tassa helteessa ei tarvitse edes olla auringossa kun tuntuu etta paa ja aivot on ihan muussia. Ulkona on kuuma. Sisalle kun menee tuntuu kylmalta. Jaateloa on mutusteltu pariinkin otteeseen. Kaveltiin ulkona 10min ja sekin oli ihan liikaa. Kosteus tekee tasta aika kestamatonta.
Ystava piipahti teella silla aikaa kun nuorempi nukkui paivaunia. Oli ihan kiva hopotella kiireetta teekupposen aaressa. Ilta kului sitten ommellessa. Onneksi on viikonloppu edessa. Pieni tauko tahan alituiseen arkeen. Meidan perheen lomailu tuntuu vaan siirtyvan koko ajan eteenpain ja eteenpain. Piti paasta ensi viikon jalkeen reissuun. Nyt tuntuu ettei paasta vasta kuin heinakuussa. HOH!

With this heat you don't even need to be in the sun when it starts feeling that your head and brains are just mush. It's hot outside. When you go inside it feels nearly cold. We've had ice cream few times today. Took a necessary 10min walk outside and that was too much. It's the humidity that is making this unbearable.
A friend stopped by for a cup of tea and a chat while the little one was sleeping. It was nice to talk over a cup of tea and without a worry about the time. The evening I spent sewing.
I'm so glad it's weekend. A little break into this constant same old same old. Our little vacation seems to be impossible to arrange. We were supposed to go at the end of next week but now it looks like we won't be able to go until sometime in July. BLAAAAH!

torstai 30. toukokuuta 2013

Jalleennakemisia / Reunions

Voi kuinka uskomattoman ihanaa oli nahda hyvia ystavia 3,5 vuoden tauon jalkeen. Oli vaan niin tuskaisen lyhyt aika yhdessa. Tiistaina illalla heidat hain kentalta. Tanaan vein puoliltapaivin jo takaisin. Mutta se vahakin aika mita meilla oli kaytettiin tehkokkaasti yhdessaoloon. Lapset nauttivat vierailusta ainakin yhta paljon kuin me aikuisetkin.
Sain kankaani ja tuliaisiksi ystavamme toivat kahvia, Fazerin sinista, Marianne ja Omar karkkeja! :D Kylla nyt kelpaa. Herkut saastetaan niihin hetkiin, joilloin koti-ikava iskee. Taytyy myontaa etta se jo vahan iskikin. Itku tuli taas lentokentalla (sain pidateltya ne siihen etta paasin takaisin autoon). Jaahyvaisten sanominen on aina ihan yhta vaikeaa vaikka tiedammekin etta naemme uudestaan, toivottavasti viela taman vuoden puolella.
Taas tuntui talo hirmuisen tyhjalta ja hiljaiselta nainkin pienen vierailun jalkeen. Itsella oli omituisen ontto olo. Koko loppupaiva meni ihmeellisessa saamattomuuden tilassa,  katsoessa elokuva tyttojen kanssa ja ajatusten harhaillessa siella taalla.
Kesan ensimmainen helleaalto saapui meille tanaan. Mittarissa komeili varjossa +34C. Huomiselle ja lauantaille luvattu viela enemman. Sunnuntainakin pitaisi olla viela yli kolmenkymmenen lukemissa ennen kuin mennaan sitten sen alle. Mutta lampimat paivat jatkuvat. Kylmaa juotavaa ja varjoa kiitos! :)
Anteeksi kuvan laatu.....

Oh how incredibly wonderful it was to see good friends after 3,5 years. It was only such a short time together. I got them from the air port on Tuesday night and returned them there today at noon. But that little time we had together we enjoyed every second of it. And the girls loved this just as much as the adults.
I got my fabrics and we got also coffee, Finnish chocolate and some sweets from home. :D I'm happy. I'm saving those for the moments of home sickness. And I do have to admit that I'm a bit home sick at the moment. Tears flowed at the air port (I did hold it together until getting back in car). Saying good bye is always just as hard even though we know that we will see again, hopefully later today.
Again the house felt extremely empty and quiet even after such a short visit. I had strange hollow feeling. The afternoon was spent in a weird state of not accomplishing a thing, watching a movie with the girls and my thoughts wondering here and there.
The first heat wave of the summer arrived today. We had +34C in the shade. More has been forecasted for tomorrow and Saturday. Even Sunday should be above +30C after which it is supposed to cool down a bit.... but just a bit. Cold drinks and shade please! :)
Sorry about the photo quality!

maanantai 27. toukokuuta 2013

Mulla alko kesa / Summer started for me

Nyt on siivoukset tehty. Lattiat on luututtu, viimeisetkin eiliselta jaaneet suursiivoukseen liittyvat asiat on hoidettu. Pihalla on lakaistu, puutarhakalusteet pesty siitepolysta (ties kuinka monennen kerran) ja aurinkovarjokin on tuotu ulos. Nyt puuttuu enaa kukkaset, yrtit, tomaatit. Kaiken touhuamisen jalkeen olikin kiva syoda jaatelot pihalla. Tasta alkaa siis kesa.
Jonkunlainen sailytyssysteemi pitaisi keksia ulkotuolien paallysteille. Voisihan sita ostaa sellaisen boksin tuonne ulos mutta sille ei suoraansanottuna ole pikkuruisella patiollamme tilaa. Sisalla pihan puolen lahella ei ole paikkaa mihin ne voisi pistaa. Yhteen nurkkaan ne voisi kasata mutta rakkaat tyttaremme tulisivat kayttamaan niita majanrakennuspalikoina ja ne tulisivat olemaan joka paiva, monta kertaa paivassa ympari olohuonetta ja kukas muukaan niita kerailee paikoilleen kuin mina. Eli sekaan ajatus ei kamalasti innosta. Eika niita viitsi lahtea hirvean kaukaan aina tarvittaessa (paivittain) hakemaan.
Huomenna meille tulee vieraita Suomesta. Ovat tosin vain lapikulkumatkalla ja viipyvat vain pari yota. Kivaa kuitenkin. Varsinkin kun tilaamani kankaat saapuvat vieraiden mukana. :D JEEEE! Viela ihanampaa on kuitenkin saada nama vieraat tanne. Luvattoman kauan on mennyt kun ollaan viimeeksi nahty.

Now everything is clean and tidy. Floors have been washed and the remaining items on the cleaning list from yesterday have been done. The patio has been swept and the patio furniture has been washed out of polen again (I've lot count how many times already) and the sunbrella has been brought out. Now I'm just missing the flowers, herbs, tomatoes. After all the work it was lovely to enjoy ice creams outside. This is the start of summer.
I need to come up with some kind of storage system for all the patio chair cushions. We could buy one of those boxes for the patio to hold them but there's no room for one. Inside I don't really have any place to keep them either. There's a corner next to the patio door that I could stack them but our dear daughter will use those cushions to build houses and jump and climb on. Also those cushions would end up every day, many times a day around the lounge and who else is the one collectiong them up than me. That doesn't sound appealing to me either. And I do not want to take them in and out of the basement everyday.
Tomorrow we'll get visitors from Finland. They are only here for few nights on their way to warmer climate. But's it's lovely anyway. Especially as they are bringing me the fabric I ordered from Finland. :D YAY! But honestly it's even more wonderful to get these people here as it's been forever since we last saw.

sunnuntai 26. toukokuuta 2013

Kevat (alkukesan) siivous / Spring (early summer) cleaning

Taalla on imuri laulanut, moppi heilunut, polyhyiska huiskinut jne. Meilla on ollut kaynnissa myohastynyt kevatsiivous josta taten on tullut alkukesan siivous. Vasyttavaa puuhaa mutta jotenkin niin hirmuisen tyytyvainen olo kun saa homman hoidettua pois tehtavien listalta. Ei ole ihan kaikki viela tehty. Huomisellekin jai jotain. :)
Kun on heilutellut kaikenlaisia muita valineita niin ei ole pahemmin ollut aikaa kameralla ottaa kuvia. Olkoon siis kuvaton juttu talla kertaa.
Pikkuneiti on hieman parempi. Nukkui 3,5h paivaunia, jonka jalkeen kavin herattamassa unikeon. Ihanaa etta hanen olonsa on parempi. Palapelit ovat olleet jatkuvassa kaytossa. Ja kun ne kerkeaa korjaamaan pois niin jo niita haetaan takaisin leikkiin.
Viikonloppu on ollut kovin kylma. +10C eilen ja +14C tanaan. Vetta tullut taivaan taydelta. Tanaan jo hieman aurinkokin nayttaytyi. Huomenna pitaisi olla jo taas inhimilliset +21C .(Jannaa miten taalla pian tottuu tuohon lampotilaan [paitsi talvisin], joka kotisuomessa olisi ehdottomasti taysi kesa keli. Kunhan lampotilat ovat yli +30C niin sitten vasta aletaan tuskastelemaan, varsinkin kuin tuollaisen lampotilan seurana taalla usein on huima kosteus).

My Dyson has been singing, mop swaying and duster swishing etc. We're having a late spring cleaning that has become early summer cleaning. It's tiring but I feel so good to get it done and out of my TO DO list. Not quite done with everything, so I have still stuff to do tomorrow. :)
As I've neen using all kinds of other "equipment" I haven't had time for taking any pictures. It has to be an entry without pics this time.
Little miss is feeling a bit better. She slept..... for 3.5h after which I went to wake the sleepy head up. I'm so happy that she's better. The puzzles are in constant use. When I pick them up and put them away, turn my back for few seconds and they are back out again.
The weekend has been very cold. +10Celsius yesterday and +14C today. It's been raining cats and dogs. A little sun today in the afternoon. Tomorrow it's supposed to be humane +21Celsius. (It's funny how you get used to the local temperatures [except during winter], which at the moment back at home in Finland would be the best summer time weather. When the temperatures go above +30Celsius then we start whining about how hot it is as with that kind of temperatures we get here high humidity.)

perjantai 24. toukokuuta 2013

Marimekko kopio / Marimekko rip off

Meilla pikkuisen meno on ollut lahinna lattialla loikoilua, sohvalle simahtamista (kahdesti), kitinaa ellei ole tutti suussa ja/tai mamin sylissa. Kannoin neitia kaksi tuntia kantorepussa kun halusi vaan syliin ja mina en taasen saanut mitaan tehtya. Onneksi naita kantovalineita loytyy.
Loysin vahan aikaa sitten takalaisesta tukkuliikkeesta, Costcosta, kivannakoisen asun pikkuneidille.  Minahan suorastaan juoksin vaatteen luo kun nain kuosin ja rupesin tutkimaan tarkemmin.... Juu ei ollut alkuperaista. Lahelle kuitenkin. Mutta se oli kiva asukokonaisuus: mekko ja legginssit. Lahti mukaan! :) Ei siis ollut Marimekkoa mutta hyvin lahelle osuva kopio. Olen nahnyt pari muutakin mutten kylla nain lahelle osuvaa.
Isomman neidin kanssa oltiin viela yhden kaverin synttarijuhlissa. Ne olivat teemaltaa Hello Kitty ompelu bileet. Synttarisankari oli saanut Janomen Hello Kitty ompelukoneen lahjaksi. Naissa juhlissa vieraat paasivat painamaan paininjalkaa ja synttarisankarin aidin avustuksella tekemaan nukenpeiton. Kiva idea ja peitoista tuli sopoja.

The pace today has been set by a little one who's been lolling on the floor, fell asleep on the sofa (twice), lots of whining with or without the dummy, in mummy's arms. I carried the little miss for 2 hours this morning in my carry bag as she only wanted to be in my arms and I didn't get anything done. Luckily I do have few of these carriers/slings.
About a week ago or so I found a nice outfit for our little miss in a local whole sale store, Costco. When I saw the pattern I practically ran to the garment and started studying it more closely..... Not the original. Very close though. And it was a really nice outfit: dress and leggings. I bought it! :) It was not Marimekko but very close rip off. I've seen few others as well while here but not as close as these.
With the big miss we went to a birthday party. The theme of the party was Hello Kitty sewing party. The birthday girl had gotten a Janome Hello Kitty sewing machine. At the party the girls got to sew (push the pedal) a doll blanket with the help of the birthday girl's mother.  Nice idea and the blankets turned out really cute.

torstai 23. toukokuuta 2013

Tyttomaiset juhlat / Girly party

Pikkuneiti sai kuin saikin juhlansa vaikka jo hetken puolen paivan aikaan epailinkin. Reppana saa kamalia yskankohtauksia nukkuessaan.  Kurkkuunkin ilmeisesti sattuu. Mutta kun ei kuumetta ollut niin paatin etta pidetaan nyt juhlat sitten.
Viisi tyttoa ja aikamoinen meininkin mutta oikein hyva meiniki. Kaikki leikkivat kaikkien kanssa ja nuorin, synttaritytto, otettiin mukaan kaikkiin leikkeihin. Oli ihana seurata kuinka isommat pitivat huolta pienemmista. Ikajakauma oli hauskasti 2, 3, 4, 5 ja 6.
Koska muutama juhlijoista oli kovastikin allergisia maitotuotteille, seka gluteenille etta soijalle oli tarjottavat mietittava tarkkaan. Kakun, muffinssit ja keksit jatin suosiolla pois. Tarjottavana oli  hedelmia ja marjoja, kasvisnaksuja, pop cornia seka mehujaateloa. Ja hyvin tuntui herkut kelpaavan. Aideille oli tuulihattuja ja hedelmatorttua, jotka nautimme sen jalkeen kun neidit olivat lopettaneet herkuttelun ja jatkaneet leikkejaan. 
Juhlista jai oikein hyva mieli. Varmasti tykkasi myos sankarikin. Hanella vaikutti olevan kivaa koko juhlan ajan.

The Little Miss did get her party after all, even though I was very close to cancelling around noon. Poor thing gets these massive coughing fits when she sleeps, and I'm sure her throat is hurting too. But as she didn't have any fever I decided to go on with the plan after all.
Five girls = girl power but they had such a good time all of them. They were all playing so nicely together and even the smallest, the birthday girl, was included in every game.  It was so lovely to see the bigger ones take the little ones into consideration. The ages were quite nicely 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
As few of the guest were quite badly allergic to dairy products and gluten as well as soy I had to think very carefully what to have on the table. So, I decided not to have cake, cup cakes or cookies at all. Instead I had berries and fruit, veggies sticks pop corn and Italian ice. All of it seemed to go very well.  For mum's I had cream puffs and berry tart, which we enjoyed after the girls had finished their feast and gone back to play.
I think the party was a success and feel good about it. I'm sure Little Miss enjoyed it as well. At least she seemed to enjoy her the whole time.


keskiviikko 22. toukokuuta 2013

2v / 2y

Pikkuneiti taytti tanaan 2 vuotta! Tanaan on myos tahan taloon muuttamisen vuosipaiva. Tasan vuosi sitten istahdimme tahan aikaan sohvalle hirmuisen laatikkomeren keskelle, muuttomiesten lahdettya.
Aamusta heti tietysti laulettiin hieman pollamystyneelle syntymapaivasankarille, joka innostui vasta nahtyaan prinssakuvalla varustetun lahjakassin.  Hassuinta ehka oli se kun otin kameran esiin ja pyysin katsomaan Mummya niin kadet sujahti salamannopeasti "balleriina kasiksi" mutta hymya ei kylla irronnut millaan. :) Paketista paljastui palapeleja useampi. Han rakastaa palapeleja ihan niin kuin isosiskonsa aikoinaan. Myin juuri eteenpain 6 nuppipalapelia, jotka pikkuneiti osasi miten pain vain. Aika siirtya eteenpain.
Paiva hurahti nopeasti. Aamusta kaupoilla (synttarilahja perjantain synttarijuhliin) ja vahan muitakin juttuja. Isompi neiti koulusta. Lounas. Molemmat tytot ottivat paivaunet. Skype-puhelu Suomeen pariinkin otteeseen. Skype-puhelu Englantiin. Kaytiin ulkona syomassa ja sen jalkeen Daddy halusi viela vieda synttarisankarin lelukauppaan (pienta hemmottelua).
Huomenna meilla on tarkoitus pitaa pienimuotoiset synttarit pikkuneidille. Katsotaan nyt kuinka kay. Lampoa taisi olla vahan nukkumaan mennessa.

Little miss turned 2 today! Today is also anniversary to our move here. Exactly a year ago, after the movers had left, we sat at this time on the sofa in the middle of a sea of boxes.
In the morning we sang to the little bit baffled birthday girl, who got into swing of things after seeing a gift bag with a princess picture on it. The funniest thing was though when I took my camera and asked her to look at Mummy she immediately put her hands into "ballerina position" but no smile how hard I tried. :) The gift bag contained lots of puzzles. She loves puzzles just like her sister at her age. I just sold 6 knob puzzles forward which she knew how to do eyes closed. Time to move to the next step.
The day went well. Some shopping in the morning (birthday gift for Friday's b-day party) and few other things. Pick up big miss from school. Lunch. Both girls napped. Two Skype calls from Finland. One Skype call from England. Out for Dinner and after that Daddy wanted to take the birthday girl to the toy store (slight pampering from Daddy).
Tomorrow we have a little party in honor of the birthday girl. Lets see what happens. I think she had a bit of temperature when she went to bed.

tiistai 21. toukokuuta 2013

Tuoksuttomia pupuja / Scentless bunnies

Onkohan meidan koiruudesta tullut nenaton? Ei tuoksu puput nenaan vaikka ovat metrin paassa. Ollaan nyt monena aamuna suorastaan tormatty pitkakorviin aamulenkilla. Ennen kaytiin jaljella hyvin tuloksin ja nena toimi. Ehka takalaiset puput ei tuoksu niin hyvilta. ;)
Eilen ja tanaan on taas saatu kuulla sellaisia uutisia, joita ei missaan nimessa haluaisi kuulla. Oklahoman iso tornado on tehnyt jarkyttavaa tuhoa ja kymmenia ihmisia on kuollut. Heista parikymmenta on lapsia. Ja edelleen seka lapsia etta aikuisia on kateissa. Tama sai taas pysahtymaan ja miettimaan kuinka lyhyt elama on ja miten sita pitaisi elaa, mika on tarkeaa ja mika ei. Niiden vanhempien, jotka menettivat lapsensa tassa tornadossa, tuska, suru ja menetys pistaa oman sydamen ihan ruttuun. Kuinka saisi lapset, omat ja muiden, pidettya turvassa?
Jotain kivaa pitaisi keksia ommella perjantaina nelja vuotta tayttavalle tyttoselle. Taytynee turvautua Mekkotehdas kirjaa. Paassa kylla kaikenlaisia ideoita tassa vaiheessa mutta taytyy ottaa huomioon mita kankaita tuolta varastosta loytyy. Mietintamyssy siis paahan.
Kuva on otettu isomman neidin koululla ennen aitienpaivaa olleessa Luau-juhlassa. Jos olisin tiennyt etta ihan kuvia otetaan niin olisin hiukan panostanut. ;)

I wonder if our doggy has lost his nose? The bunny smell doesn't seem to hit the nose even though they are about a yard away. We've practically bumped into long ears on our morning walks. I used to take him to tracking tests and the nose was working just fine. Maybe the local bunnies don't smell as good as the ones back home. ;)
Yesterday and today we've been hearing the kind of news you really do not want to hear. The big tornado in Oklahom was absolutely devastating and several tens of people have died. And too many of them are children. There are both children and adults still missing. Again this has made me stop and think how short life is and how we should live our lives, what is important and what is not. The immense pain, sense of loss and sadness of those parents who have lost their children  makes my own heart bleed. How can we keep children, others as well as our own, safe from harm?
I need to come up with something nice to sew for a 4-year old birthday girl for Friday's party. I think I'll have to turn to Mekkotehda book. I do have all kinds of ideas in my head at this point but I have to consider what fabrics I have in my stach.
This picture was taken at the Luau- party arranged by our older miss's kindergarten class before Mother's Day. If I had know that we would take a "family" photo then I would have made an effort to look better. ;)

maanantai 20. toukokuuta 2013

Sellainen paiva / One of those days

Neidit on nukkumassa. HUH! Vuori silitettavia vaatteita, tyynyliinoja, keittiopyyhkeita jne on selatetty. Mamma on ollut erotuomarina koko paivan neitien valilla. Nyt voin huokaista, ja nauttia lasin viinia. Puhti on aikalailla pois ja paassa lyo valitettavasti tyhjaa. En taida kirjoittaa enempaa tanaan, silla mitaan jarkevaa tasta paakopasta ei kylla nyt irtoa.

The misses are in bed. PHEW! A mountain of clothes, pillowcases, kitchen towels etc has been ironed. This mummy has been a referee the whole day between the the girls. Now I can sigh and enjoy a glass of wine. I'm pretty beat and my brain is not functioning. I don't think I'll write anymore today as it would not be anything sensible.

sunnuntai 19. toukokuuta 2013

Ompeluksia / Some sewing

Lauantaina viihdytin tyttoja kun daddy oli toissa koko paivan. Kun han tuli kotiin vahan vajaa kahdeksan illalla mina tytto hyppasin autoon ja ajelin toisen viikonlopun yh-huoltajana olleen mamman luo. Mina piirsin ja leikkasin, han ompeli ja suklaata kului. :D
Tanaan mina olen ommellut. Leikkelin jo lauantaina tytoille kesatopit. Kaava on Ottobren 1/13 ja kangas Lillestoff/Sari Ahokainen "Scandi fruit". Taistelin olkaintein pituuden kanssa. Vaikka mittasinkin ne isommalle neidille pariinkin otteeseen niista tuli liian pitkat ja siina sitten purettiin ja ommeltiin uudestaan. Pienemman toppi meni sitten arvioidessa (neiti ei suostunut yhteistyohon). Tykkaan kuitenkin lopputuloksesta. Sain mina pari sovituskuvaakin mutta jos nyt jattaisin laittamatta tahan. Toinen pomppi pikkuhousuissa ja toinen oli vaippasankarina uusissa topeissaan. Ei kauhea ehdustavat kuvat. :D

On Saturday I entertained the girls when daddy was at work the whole day. When he got home just before 8pm this mama jumped in the car and drove to see another mama who was single for the weekend. I drew and cut, she sewed. And we ate lots of chocolate. :D
Today it was my turn to sew. I did some cutting on Sat: summer tops for the girls. The pattern is from Ottobre 1/13 and the fabric is Lillestoff/Sari Ahokainen "Scandi fruit".  I had a little battle with the shoulder straps. Even though I measured twice they were too long which meant taking everything apart and sewing it up again. The little one's top was done with just estimation (she did not co-operate at the time of fitting). I do like the result though. I got few pictures of the girls wearing the tops but as one was wearing only a nappie and the other one in her underwear. Not the most well representing photos. :D

perjantai 17. toukokuuta 2013

Lohoilyperjantai / Relaxing Friday

Tanaan on ollut kovin rauhaton olo. Kaikkea pitais saada aikaiseks ja mitaan en ole kuitenkaan saanut. Nyt nautin hetken hiljaisuudestan pikkuneidin nukkuessa ja isomman lohoillessa sohvalla.
En laittanut isompaa kouluun tanaan. Saa levata ja parannella kokonaan itsensa. Koko eilisen paivan piti ylla pienta lampoa ja masu oli kipea. Tanaan jo parempi olo eika sita pikkulampoa ole ollut. Vaikka ulkona onkin ihana saa ja olisikin kiva menna kavelemaan, me taidetaan viihtya hyvin sisalla lohoilyn ja lepailyn merkeissa.
Ollaan mietitty etta josko pidettaisiin pieni perheloma ja milloin se olisi kaikkein paras pitaa. Silloin kun miehelle kaikken parhaiten sopisi meille on tulossa piipahtamaan suomesta vieraita. ennen sita pitaisi pitaa pikkuneidin synttarit. sen jalkeen alkaa olemaan kriittiset hetket isomman neidin tanssiesityksen takia. Viimeisia harjoituksia ja kenraali. Kaikkea pienta mista ei voisi olla oikeastaan pois. Minne sitten: haluamme ehdottomasti kuitenkin pois kotimaisemista.

Today I have been super restless. Million things to do but I have not achieved single one of them. Now I'm enjoying a moment of peace and quiet while the little one is napping and bigger one just laying on the sofa.
My bigger one did not go to school today. She gets to rest and get properly better. The whole of yesterday she had a little temperature and she also had tummy ache. Today she's feeling much better and no sign of temperature.  The sun is shining and it would oh so wonderful to go and enjoy the outside I think we'll stay inside and just rest and relax.
We've been thinking about going on a little family holiday but the questions of when would be good and where should we go. The time that would be best for my husband is going to be interrupted by visitors from Finland. And we should have a birthday party for the little miss.  After that it starts to be critical days with the big miss's last dance practices as well as dress rehearsal before the recital. All these little things which we really shouldn't be away from. and as to where: we definitely want away from home and the daily routines.

torstai 16. toukokuuta 2013

Hyva siirto / Good move

Meidan aamu: Yksi lahti toihin 5.30. Yksi halusi ehdoin tahdoin kouluun vaikka maha oli kipea ja vahan lampoakin pukkas. Yksi odotti ystavaa aamiaisvieraaksi. Yksi opiskeli aamulla prinsessajuttuja (on aikamoinen prinsessa jo nyt).
Ompelukoneiden alastuominen oli ehdottomasti hyva siirto. Sen lisaksi etta sain itselleni ommeltua tunikan sain varkattya isommalle neidille kesayokkarin. Kangas on ihan ohukaista pehmeaa puuvillatrikoota. Ihan itse piirtelin kaavat yhdesta kesamekosta ja tarkoituksella jatin lyhykaiseksi (taalla kun nuo kesat on kuumat niin eipa sita yolla mitaan ihmeellista paalleen tarvitse - neiti vaan itse aina haluaa jotain yopaidan tynkaa aina, siis kesallakin). Eipa tuo kovin ihmeellinen teos ole mutta toimii. Ja oli ilmeisen mieluinen silla kuvan ottamisen jalkeen yokkari jai paalle vaikka kello naytti vasta iltapaivaa. Pikkuneiti katseli isosiskoaan uudessa yokkarissa sen suuntaisesti etta hankin haluaisi. Hmmm.....
Mittarissa komeilee tanaa +26C. Ihanaa. Aikamoinen tuuli. Tuntuu hassulta pitaa sisalla villasukkia jalassa mutta kun varpaat jaatyy. Olenkin siis istunut ulkona lammosta ja auringosta nauttien.

Our morning: One went to work 5.30am. One insisted on going to school even though she had tummy ache and little temperature. One is waiting for a friend over. One is doing research on how to become a princess (well she is already).
It was a really good move to bring the sewing machines back down. In addition of making the tunic for myself I managed to make a summer nightie our of extremely flimsy cotton knit. The pattern I drew from one of her summer dresses and on purpose left it quite short (as you know the summers are quite hot here and you really don't need a nightie on but she always insists on wearing one). It's nothing special really but it seems to work. And apparently it was a good one as the nightie stayed on after I took the photo and it was only afternoon. Little miss was eyeing the nightie like she would want one too. Hmmmmm.....
It's +26Celsius today. Lovely! Quite a wind though. It feels funny to wear woolly socks inside but my toes are freezing. That's the reason I've been sitting outside enjoying the warmth and sun.

keskiviikko 15. toukokuuta 2013

Maanantaisen hiljaisuuden takana / Behind the Monday silence

Maanantaina olisin voinut hyvinkin kirjoitella mutta sen sijaan etta olisin istunut lapparin aaressa, istuinkin ompelukoneen aaressa. :) Kuskasin koneet ylakerrasta alas ja nyt ne nokottaa keittopoydan toisessa paassa.
Leikkasin sunnuntaina yhden ostamistani kankaista ja eilen ja tanaan olen ommellut siita itselleni tunikan/kesamekon. Menee siis molemmista, sen verran pitka se on. Mutta olen niin tyytyvainen etta kaytin juuri taman kankaan itselleni enka tytoille. :D

On Monday I could have well writen something here but instead of sitting in front of the lap top I sat with my sewing machines. :) I carried both down stairs and now they are taking space at the other end of our kitchen table.
On Sunday I cut one of the fabrics I bought and yesterday and today I've been sewing a tunic/dress for myself. It will do as both as it's so long. But I'm very happy that I used this particular fabric for myself instead of the girls. :D

tiistai 14. toukokuuta 2013

Postia kotimaasta / Post from Finland

Onpa kuulkaa ihana nahda oven pielessa postimiehen jattama oranssivalkoinen laatikko. Postia Suomesta! :D
Paketista paljastui jotain jo odotettua ja aivan odottamatonta. Tilasin itselleni korun Miunmaun korutaiteilijalta ja ihanalta ystavalta. Olin nayttanyt loytamaani kuvaa ja kysyny etta onnistuisko jotain vastaavanlaista. Kaulassa keikkuu teepannu. :D Tilaamani silmukkamerkit olivat myos aiiiivan iiiiiihania. Ainoa kriteeri oli etta kun niita kayttaa on tultava hyvalle tuulelle vakisinkin. No naitten silmukkamerkkien kanssa ei ole itkusta tietoakaan. Lempparit ehdottomasti maykky, kukka crocksit ja englannin penni. Ihana kirjanmerkkikin paketista loytyi. Kankaat upeana yllatyksena.
Kiitos miljuunasti rakas ystava. Olet aivan mieleton!!!!! ♥
PS: on muuten tosi vaikeaa ottaa itse hyvaa kuvaa kaulassa keikkuvasta korusta mutta halusin teidan nakevan edes jotenkin miten se istuu ketjussa.

You have no idea how delightful it is to see a white orange parcel, which the post man has left by the door. Post from Finland! :D
The parcel revealed something that I had been expecting but something quite unexpectable. I did order mylseld a pendant from my good friend and jewellery maker of Miunmaun. I had shown her a picture I found and asked if she would be able to do something similar. Now there's a teapot hanging on my neck. :D Also the stitch markers I ordered are just looooooovely. My only criteria for them was that they had to be something that would make me feel happy when I used them. No tears anywhere near these stitch markers. My special favorites are the dachshund, flower crocs shoes and the English penny. I also got a beautiful book marker. But the fabric was complete surprise. Thank you my dear dear friend. You are just fantabulous!!!!!!  ♥
PS: It's really hard to take a good picture yourself of a necklace on your neck but wanted you to see how the teapot sits when it's on a chain.

sunnuntai 12. toukokuuta 2013

Aitina on hyva olla / It's good to be a mother

Ihana aitienpaiva takana. Sain nukkua pidempaan, aamiainen sangyssa (kaksi verttoajaa kylla kavi leipieni ja jugurttini kimpussa), ihania lahjoja ja mukava paiva perheen kesken. Karkasin mina viela ostamaan pitsia pikkuisen paivaunien aikaan. Takapihalla savustettua lohta ja kermaperunoita. Jalkkariksi jaateloa.
En vaihtaisi aitina olemista mihinkaan. Vaikka valilla potuttaa ja huudetaan puolin ja toisin kaikki unohtuu kun ne pienet kadet kiertyy kaulaan, suu moiskauttaa suukon, paa painuu olkapaalle tai lammin vartalo kapertyy kainaloon. Samoin tavoin niin kuin synnytksen kivut katoaa kun saat oman  lapsen syliin.
Kun neidit lahtivat nukkumaan tama mamma otti kaavapaperit, kynan ja sakset esiin. Piirtelin ja leikkasin kaavat ja leikkasin viela kankaankin. Kangas vaan perkules loppui vahan kesken...... BLAAAH! Eli en paase viela ompelemaan.

What a lovely Mother's Day I had. I had the luxury to sleep in, breakfast in bed (ok girls were taxing my bread and yoghurt quite heavily), wonderful gifts and a such a great day with the family. I did escape to buy some lace while the little one was napping. Then my husband smoked a salmon at the back yard and we had salmon, creamy potatoes for dinner topped with ice cream dessert.
I would not swap being a mother for anything. Even though sometimes it's not easy and we yell at each other everything is forgotten when those small arms wrap around your neck, mouth kisses your cheek, head lies on your shoulder or warm body curls next to you on the sofa. Just the same way the labour pains disappear when you get your child in your arms for the first time.
When the misses went to bed this mummy took pattern papers, pen and scissors out. I drew and cut the patterns as well as cut the fabric. Unfortunately I did not have quite enough of the fabric...... BLAAAH! So I cannot get to sewing yet.