perjantai 3. tammikuuta 2014

Kunno talvipaiva / Proper winter's day

Aamusta paasi heti tekemaan lumitoita. Kivaa hyotyliikuntaa. Tosin tama minun koipeni ei kamalasti tykannyt siita. No, loppupaiva meneekin sitten varmaan sohvalla. Pakkastakin on ihan mukavasti -14C. Kovin on talvinen olo tanaan.
Joulukoristeet ovat viela paikoillaan. Kovasti tekisi mieli ottaa ne pois mutta kuusi on selkeasti sita mielta ettei sita viela pureta. On niin komean nakoinen viela.
Puikoilla kilkkuu bolero (taas). Niita samaisia, joita tein viime vuonna kaksi. Linkki ohjeeseen loytyy TAALTA. Kokeilen nyt pysyyko kuosissaan jos jattaa joustinneuleen reunoista pois (lue laiskuus iski).
Tytot ovat juoneet kaakaota ja ulkoilleet. Takapihalla komeilee upea linna!

We got to do the snow in the morning. Nice exercise. But my foot didn't really care for it very much. Well, the rest of the day I'm going to parked on the sofa. It was quite cold as well -14C. Very wintery feeling today.
I have my Christmas decorations still up. I would like to take them down and start this new year but our tree thinks otherwise. It's looking so handsome and standing green and still smelling gorgeous that I have to leave it be.
I have a shrug (again) on my knitting needles. It's the same I made two last year. Link to the pattern is HERE. I'm trying now if it will hold it's form without the ribbing at the edges (read: I'm being lazy).
The girls have been drinking hot chocolate and been outside. We have wonderful castle at the back yard!

4 kommenttia:

  1. That is indeed proper winter landscape! Finland is way behind, but I have to say I love it the way it is, even if it's quite dark and gloomy outside. But as I am not Finnish myself, I somewhat like the absence oh heavy snow. Would have been nice to have some for holidays though.

    1. I heard the weather is supposed to turn colder there. :) Hopefully you'll get at least a little bit of snow. I love snow in the wintertime. But I don't like the yoyo-movement we have here. Now it's supposed to start raining again.... ARGH!

  2. We still have our tree up too, but it has to come down this week. We're drowning in snow over here. It just keeps on snowing!

    1. Our tree is coming down today. I've already started collecting Christmas decorations in one place and then to pack them away. We had our snow last week... now it's raining. It's supposed to freeze tomorrow. Lovely! NOT! It's going to super slippery every where.