torstai 16. tammikuuta 2014

Kolme paivaa / Three days

Kolme paivaa. Kolme kuolemantapausta, jotka ovat yltaneet maanlaajuisiin uutisiin. Elokuvissa. Koulussa. Ruokakaupassa. Tuntuu aika ahdistavalta ajatella etta kaikki ovat paikkoja, joissa ihmiset kayvat paivittain, paikkoja jotka ovat osa jokaisen jokapaivaista elamaa.
Mina taistelen tanaan naita uutisia vastaan kukkasin.

Three days. Three deaths which made national news. One in the cinema. One at school. One in a grocery store. It has made me feel very anxious to think that these all are places that are part of our every day lives.
I'm fighting agains these news with flowers.

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  1. Vastaukset
    1. One man shot another as because he was texting during the previews (he was testing to the babysitter of his young child to make sure everything was ok). 12-year-old boy shot two other children in school morning assembly. And a man shot two women in a supermarket. I don't sometimes even watch the news because it's always full of death or absolutely crazy things. I remember when we moved here the style of news is so different (quicker page, quickly from one piece of news to the other and always so negative and violent) that I started to dream about news. I stopped watching them completely for a while. And now I watch them few times a week after the girls go to bed. They don't need to know about how crazy the world is around us. Our bigger one is very sensitive and the smaller one is just too small and doesn't understand.