sunnuntai 22. syyskuuta 2013

Jatketaan elukkalinjalla / Lets continue with animals

Viela yksi paita lisaa. Talla kertaa eri kaava. Burlap Button:in Tummy Topper Layering T-shirt. Koko on 2/3. Paljon napakampi kooltaan kuin Ottobren. Hihat kapeammat, samoin vartalo. Ja meidan mimmilla kun on viela tuota vauvamassua niin aika tykoistuva paita tuli. :) Mutta kayttoon tulee.

One more shirt. This time different pattern: Burlap Button's Tummy Topper Layering T-shirt in size 2/3. Much more snug than the Ottobre shirts. The sleeves are narrower as well as the body. And as our Little Miss still have some of that baby tummy on her the shirt is quite form fitting. :) But this will be one of our shirts for the colder season.

2 kommenttia:

  1. The top is so cute! Loved the ones from the other day too. The little foxes are so sweet and the stripes compliment them so well. :) You always seem to find the best fabrics!

    1. Kiitti Anu! I've been soooo lucky to find a great fabric provider. :) Little Miss is in love with her new shirts. Today she's wearing the one with pink elephants and she keeps telling me she looks cute(Mami, Mia on sopo!) and holding on to her shirt showing it off. hahahahaha